Help what is this??

Betbot is a serious attempt to prove that match previews/gameups and betting advice can be made perfectly well by computers. Everything you see on this page is made with AI. You can use the page to get state of the art betting advice or just for getting initiated background info on football games coming up.


Everything marked with a * has a tooltip attached.


The filters helps you retrieve the games you may be interested in. They look like this and exists on the games/start page and on the stats page.


Simply sets the filter to a period in time. Betbot never looks further ahead than one week scince it needs fresh data to make accurate predictions and pre-game analysis.


Select what method you want to filter by. currently has two different methods for making game predictions.


This is the main predictive model. It takes in hundreds of different data points, every statistic you can think of - as well as weather, distance between teams, and what people say of the teams on social media. Betbot then uses old games, today over 15 000 games to look for similarities and for trying to make an accurate prediction.


The other model is purely based on predictions based on Tweets regarding games. Today the database contains of over 500 000 historical tweets that the model learns from for predicting upcoming games. This model may not be as accurate but it gives an interesting second opinion and tend to have a better eye for underdogs!


Both models Betbot has gives an indication on how likely the predicted outcome is. The higher the likelihood, the higer the chance is that the prediction will become true. NOTE: Not always, but often a higher probability results in the odds for that sign becomes lower.


Sets an odds interval of the currently selected model. The higher the odds - the higher the potential return.


The games page is simply the start page. Here all games can be found by filtering and going trough the pages. By clicking on a game a detailed view will appear. That detailed page can be shared to Twitter.


The stats page exists as a sort of record of how well Betbot has performed predictions over time. It can also be used for simulating betting strategies.


This simply shows how many of the currently filtered games that Betbot correctly has predicted.


The idea with the winnings graph is to show how much potential money one would have gotten in return if betting on all the currently filtered games.


For developers there is an API available making it possible to fetch all games and its corresponding data. It needs authentication. For access - don't be a stranger - get in touch.

Simple example

  "all_odds": {
    "Draw": 18.0,
    "Loss": 44.0,
    "Win": 1.08
  "best_bet": "Loss",
  "best_bet_strength": 21.18817400614329,
  "date": "2017-01-07T13:00:00",
  "home_form": "2.36,2.54,3.235,3.036",
  "home_form_trend": "0.2723,2.3843,0.856043215464,0.143956784536,0.116264482969",
  "home_team_name": "Real Madrid",
  "home_team_score": null,
  "id": "154066715",
  "league": "La Liga",
  "pred": "Prediction: Win",
  "predicted_sign_from_twitter": null,
  "predicted_sign_from_twitter_odds": null,
  "predicted_sign_strength_from_twitter": null,
  "previous_meetings": {
    "d": 0,
    "l": 1,
    "w": 9
  "resulting_sign": null,
  "round": 17,
  "summary": [
    "Analyzing past events between Real Madrid and Granada CF played at Santiago Bernab\u00e9u, they often end in a win for Real Madrid."
  "text": "The power of tradition is big. This game unsually result in home wins. This fixture probably should result with Real Madrid winning. \r\nAnalyzing past events between Real Madrid and Granada CF played at Santiago Bernab\u00e9u, they often end in a win for Real Madrid. Zinedine Zidane`s team have been in very good form recently. The form of the side of Zinedine Zidane is gaining strength. Generally Real Madrid is outshooting their opponents. They are an excellent team. Real Madrid has won four successive events at Santiago Bernab\u00e9u. Often the following match is a win for them. Real Madrid has rested for twenty-seven days from league meetings. \r\nThe side of Lucas Alcaraz maintains very weak form. The side of Lucas Alcaraz has a very weak defence line. They concede lots of goals. Lucas Alcaraz`s team hasnt had a league game in twenty days.",
  "the_predicted_sign": "Win",
  "the_predicted_sign_odds": 1.08,
  "the_predicted_sign_probabilities": "0.892826757334,0.0633363310452,0.0438369116207",
  "the_predicted_sign_strength": 0.8928267573340426,
  "title": "Real Madrid - Granada CF",
  "tsr_away": [
  "tsr_home": [
  "venue": "Santiago Bernab\u00e9u",
  "visiting_form": "0.56,0.6,1.343,0.832",
  "visiting_form_trend": "0.1559,0.5999,0.558988397181,0.441011602819,0.163521466481",
  "visiting_team_name": "Granada CF",
  "visiting_team_score": null,
  "weather": {
    "extreme": false,
    "icon": "10d",
    "id": 500,
    "temp": 4